001 Frank Sinatra – In the Wee Small Hours

In this premiere episode for 1001 album club we talk about if Frank Sinatra was just a beta cuck, drinking yourself to death, Rob walking around in a sad fedora and get off to an awkward start .


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  1. Michele Blum

    Hi Birch,

    Ann’s coworker Michele here. She shared the link to your podcast the other day and I’m so glad she did. I just listened to the first episode and really enjoyed it. My parents were big jazz/swing fans, so I grew up hearing a lot of that music, especially Sinatra. I still love the genre, but haven’t ever read about it, so I didn’t know about this album’s historical significance. You’ve inspired me to listen again and conjured a lot of good memories — like hearing my dad (a martini or two in) shout his one line review of EVERY Sinatra album, “Damn! He’s a son of a bitch, but he sure can can sing!”

    Thanks for the fun podcast!

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