09 Count Basie – The Atomic Mr Basie

In what has been called his “last great album” Count Basie shows the power of the young players in an old style. We also take about jazz royalty names and the meaning of “Splanky” .


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  1. Fred

    It’s funny that one of these songs is called “The Late Late Show” because all I can hear when I listen to big band music is The Tonight Show Band blaring out overly enthusiastic bombastic blaring noise to convince people that they are about to have fun. Hey big band musicians, why is your band so big? Why do you have like 20 horn players? How is having a band this big economical? You pay each horn player $10 and you’re out $400 bucks. That’s the whole fee you’re getting for the gig. How are you going to pay the other 87 musicians? Are you going to tell Satchmo Jenkins and Tootely Toot Jones that they aren’t getting paid tonight?


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