076 Astrud Gilberto – Beach Samba

Again we have another Samba / Bossa Nova Gilberto Album? Some of us find the 60’s pop great and some of us wish the Gilberto’s would just go away.


2 responses to “076 Astrud Gilberto – Beach Samba”

  1. Ian

    Not awesome, not offensive.

    Suitable music for sip umbrella-drinks from a hollowed out pineapple, whilst sitting on a beach lounge.

    Oh.. now, here’s a brass band.

  2. Fred

    “The Girl From Ipanema” sold five million copies and Stan Getz made sure that Astrud Gilberto only got $120 for her contribution to it (Getz was a monster who swindled and sexually assaulted his way across America in the 60’s). Gilberto’s husband cheated on her and she was so desperate for money because of their break-up that she toured with Getz and reportedly slept with him. Astrud Gilberto was one of the countless talented women who the music industry used, abused and discarded. And now that I have listened to “Beach Samba”, I feel the karmic scales are somewhat balanced.

    I guess the idea is that if she sounded good backed by some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time that she’d sound just as good with the most generic Muzak they could find in the background? This album is a waste of Astrud Gilberto’s beautiful voice. I had to go home and listen to “Getz Gilberto” just to get the taste of this album out of my mouth.

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