116 Laura Nyro – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

A brilliant and innovative composer, with intricate, haunting works highlighting her singularly powerful vocal phrasing, evocative lyrics. Modern comparisons have been drawn to Kate Bush and Tori Amos to St. Vincent and Joanna Newsom.  This album and song structures are completely baffling.


2 responses to “116 Laura Nyro – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession”

  1. Thomas smith

    “Baffling”? More like exciting, innovative, provocative, surprising! Everything true art should be.

  2. Marc

    Jesus, I’m not sure who you guys are but did you get it wrong. So completely clueless that it was cringe-worthy listening to ther amateur analysis. You clearly didn’t understand the ‘zeitgeist’ or context of the times but also the poetic aspect of her enigmatic lyrics. In a perverse way, it was fascinating to listen to you guys struggling to try & understand her whole sensibility & the nature of her art. That you could speculate that this was an album for adolescents to sit around & ‘make out to’ is so way off it’s embarrassing. Maybe because I was there but a lot of us sat around, got stoned & just listened to her. Interesting to hear you try & find an artistic spot for her in what appears to be your rather limited range. I understand if subjectively, you just don’t like her or this album but maybe a better description of this particular podcast (playing for cheap laughs) would be closer to an early Beavis & Butthead episode!

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