145 The Who – Tommy

After the dry run of  the Who’s previous album “ the who sell out”  Pete Townshead spearheaded a new project that was both innovative and ambitious. Tommy was a full-blown concept rock opera complete with overtune, interludes and an interwoven story about a boy Tommy.


One response to “145 The Who – Tommy”

  1. Fred

    Ugh. I don’t know shit about operas, but isn’t this a rock musical rather than a rock opera? I mean, it sounds like The Who doing a lame ass musical. So, The Who are pretty good, but lame ass musicals aren’t. This is like Micheal Jordan playing baseball. Or I guess if the Beatles did a rock musical, that would be like Michael Jordan playing baseball. This is more like Shaq playing a genie in “Shazam.” Blech.

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