161 Tim Buckley – Happy Sad

By 1969, Tim Buckley seemed bored with traditional acoustic folk. Happy / Sad marked the beginning of Buckley’s experimental period, incorporating elements of jazz by way of Lee Underwood’s – guitar, keyboards & David Friedman‘s vibraphone . Buckley also decided he wanted to take control of the songs and lyrics penning the entire album himself , and began to really use his voice with drawn out phasings so that they acted as another instrument blending into the songs instead of on top of the melodies. The album’s songs are a minimal tapestry that slowly draw the lister into Buckley mesmerizing visions about loneliness, love and loss.


One response to “161 Tim Buckley – Happy Sad”

  1. James Patterman

    Absolutely did not like the last Buckley album and was not looking forward to spending time listening to another one. However, this album was outstanding! I listened to it 4 times yesterday….mesmerizing is the right word.

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