164 Youngbloods – Elephant Mountain

After their breakout hit “get together” the Youngbloods moved to Northern California and started blending affective pop/rock melodies and lyrics with their good time jug band roots, the Youngbloods were instantly embraced by the already blossoming Bay Area music community, but they won’t be embraced by our group.


3 responses to “164 Youngbloods – Elephant Mountain”

  1. James Patterman

    Despite what the podcasters feelings were, I enjoyed this album and it got better with each listen. I had never listened to them before in my life but I thought most of the songs were good, (except for 2nd) with a good mix of the types of songs adding some new instrumentation into the era. I think the podcasters are tired of this genre and are unfairly harsh in this case.

  2. James Patterman

    This is a pretty solid album and I enjoyed it. Few really good songs in my opinion, darkness darkness, sham, sunlight, quicksand, ride the wind. Good stuff!!

  3. Mark Behrend

    One of my five all-time favorite albums (and items to grab first, if my house is on fire).

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