171 Scott Walker – Scott 4

Walker wasn’t on the chart with his fourth album, but the result was probably his finest ’60s LP.  The over blown production and his subversive non commercial friend lyrics stand by a relatively stripped-down approach that works in way that is unexpected.   It’s hard to pinpoint what was or wasn’t engaging about this album but we will try.


2 responses to “171 Scott Walker – Scott 4”

  1. Jorge

    I understand that there are no heavy riffs, crazy screaming or hard rock songs here but, guys, this is a sublime record that you did/could not appreciate. I would recommend you go and watch a documentary produced by David Bowie called 30 Century Man where Brian Eno, David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, Radiohead among others talk about Scott’s legacy and how he inspired them and how perfect and deep his music was.

    1. Rob

      Rob here,
      It’s been a hot minute but I could have swore we were on the positive side of this album…

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