228 Emerson Lake Palmer – Pictures at an Exhibition

One of the seminal documents of the progressive rock era, a record that made its way into the collections of millions of high-school kids who never heard of Modest Mussorgsky and knew nothing of Russia’s Nationalist “Five.” It does some violence to Mussorgsky, but Pictures at an Exhibition is also the most energetic and well-realized live release in Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s catalog, and it makes a fairly compelling case for adapting classical pieces in this way.

– AllMusic Review by Bruce Eder

Check out this video https://youtu.be/nQz7MuXEe1A


2 responses to “228 Emerson Lake Palmer – Pictures at an Exhibition”

  1. Michael Burge

    U’d have to of Lived-It to Appreciate…The 60’s & 70’s were UnParalleled w/ so-Many Great-Bands & Music!!
    Too-Bad yall had to Talk So-Much instead of Listening-More~~~

    1. Rob

      I don’t know about the rest of the crew but I (Rob) love ELP!

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