238 Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson

When the Beatles famously said Nilsson was their favorite artist. He went from a great songwriter to a world renown stardom. Nilsson was one of the few major pop-rock recording artists of his era to achieve significant commercial success without ever performing major public concerts or undertaking regular tours. The craft of his songs and the defiant attitude he projected remains a touchstone for later generations of indie rock musicians. We talk to the biggest Nilsson fan that I know and I feel like she could be in the running for biggest fan in the Midwest!


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  1. Fred

    “Nilsson became big when The Beatles named dropped him”. Wake up sheeple. The Beatles had stupid money and power at that time and had the juice to hire a bunch of scientists to mix all four of their essences up together into one person and then age him up to their age so they could hang out and jam with him.

    The scientists did it in some weird all-chrome 1960’s lab while smoking cigarettes so it came out a bit off, but they pretty much accomplished it. Nilsson has Paul’s old-timey pop sensibilities, John’s acerbic wit, George’s naive vulnerability and Ringo’s goofiness. He’s a one man The Beatles, but just kind of a fucked up one.

    All of Nilsson’s albums are worth listening to, but this really is the one you need to hear before you die. I think “all the songs sound the same” is lazy criticism because it means you aren’t paying enough attention to pick up on nuances, but there honestly are some albums that really feel like that, but this album is the exact opposite. Every single song is wildly different from the others but they all sound like Nilsson.

    This is a great album by a weird lab-grown Frankenstein monster man who never felt at home in this world because he was brought to life by mad scientists and pop stars arrogantly playing God. Also it has a great beat and you can dance to it.

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