261 Tim Buckley – Greetings From LA

Buckley fans are split on this album but we aren’t. There are plenty of  soul/ funk albums that would seem to be more appropriate than another Tim Buckley album that want’s to be a Blaxploitation soundtrack. but that is what the book has.

“Tim Buckley: Greetings from L.A. (Warner Bros., 1972) Perverse as it may seem, Buckley’s mannered, androgynous moan has real erotic appeal for some, and here it turns a trick. This is rock pornography if anything is, complete with whips, foot fetishes, meat racks, and salacious gasps, and while I wouldn’t call the band hard-core, it definitely fills the groove.” – Robert Christgau


2 responses to “261 Tim Buckley – Greetings From LA”

  1. James Patterson

    Call me crazy but I really liked this album! I have to listened to this many times and it is solid from top to bottom.

  2. David

    You have Goodbye & Hello and Happy / Sad, and this, but not STARSAILOR ?

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