314 Supertramp – Crime of the Century

Question for you, oh humble listener?

What was the real Crime of The Century?

a. 三年大饥荒
b. Lindbergh baby tampering
c. The rise of 80s neo-liberalism destroying the middle class.
d. The DENIAL of 4x platinum selling, flawlessly-played and produced late 70s transatlantic soft rock classic, Breakfast In America from this list.

Let’s talk Super Tramp, Crime of The Century.


3 responses to “314 Supertramp – Crime of the Century”

  1. Ian

    I found this podcast six months ago. I’m working my way through, and currently into the mid 70’s of your list. When this appeared in your list I had to jump ahead.

    I LOVE this album. One of my all-time favourites as the Prog-rock masterpiece it is. The discussion of Crime of the Century vs Breakfast in America discussed the albums as a collection of songs. COTD works better as a concept album, BIA is a collection of great songs.

    You’re right, it’s NOT earworm pop-classic rock, to be taken in bite sizes. It’s a dark and moody journey. The songs don’t stand on their own, but the flow between the songs is the hook of COTC.

    I agree that Breakfast in America should be there, but Crime of the Century defines the beginning of success and sound of Supertramp. It traverses highs and lows, dark and light. It’s one of the more brilliant concept albums. Ever.

    I reject the microwave-egg analogy. Breakfast in America is a collection of brilliant sound bites. And I’m off to listen to it now.

    Your Podcast is brilliant. Thanks

  2. Mark Phillips

    I agree with Ian. COTC belongs in a 1001 Albums to Listen to before you die. So does Breakfast in America. Conceptually COTC is the better album. BIA has better songs but in my mind it lacks the cohesion of COTC. Side note, on Acclaimedmusic.com compilation of ‘best of lists.’ BIA is ranked 913 and COTC is ranked 1320. I favour COTC though as it is the album that created the template for what followed. I haven’t stopped listening to it since it was released (as mentioned elsewhere I’m old). For me everything that followed was a refinement of what they created with COTC. Doesn’t mean the follow albums are bad but COTC is where they hit there stride. So it deserves to be in the book

  3. Dominic / Louise Cavalier

    Just listened to this podcast now 3 years after it was released. Really wish I hadn’t bothered! Lazy lazy commentary. Not even a single mention of School, beauitiful song with a fantastic keyboard solo. Some songs get a 1 or 2 line mention but that’s it! Terrible.. The whole of the review was spent talking about the album it wasn’t.

    I like Breakfast In America too but (but its more pop than prog and I prefer prog). Crisis What Crisis and Even in The Quietest Moments are great too but COTC is their number 1 best album and it deserved more attention than you gave it

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