343 Patti Smith – Horses

Cultural icon, friend to Robert Mapplrthorpe and progenitor of the French Tuck, Patti Smith, went and made the first ever punk rock record with her debut album.

During a two month residency at CBGB w/ Television, Smith and her band got solid traction in the New York scene, eventually catching the ear of an industry exec who signed them to Arista Records.

Once signed, the band headed into the studio, got John Cale on board to produce, and in a month’s time, made music history in the early Fall of 1975.

It’s a seminal work, a must listen, and one of the most important albums ever pressed to wax…

…some of us are here for it.

Let’s talk Patti Smith, Horses!


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  1. Mark Phillips

    Hard to believe Horses is over 45 years old. One of the great albums of the punk era. And still the best opening line of any song, any debut album. ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine’

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