347 Earth Wind and Fire – That’s the Way of the World

Sporting six members and yet, somehow, still two elements shy of summoning a Captain Planet, Earth Wind and Fire, wrote a great soundtrack to an awful film… of which they also starred.

In the immortal words of record producer Coleman Buckmaster:

“They’re just gonna keep cranking out that same kind of garbage. Right now the idea is to have me produce fast-buck bubblegum shit. Then when they think the drug supplies are loosening up, then they tell me to produce some music for kids to freak out by.”

Let’s talk Earth Wind and Fire, That’s the Way of the World!


One response to “347 Earth Wind and Fire – That’s the Way of the World”

  1. Mark Phillips

    I find Earth Wind and Fire bland. They are great musicians, put on a good show (at least what I’ve seen in their videos) and their playing is tight. But overall blah.

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