350 The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers

John Cale of The Velvet Underground produces a teen band that sounds like their music was beamed to them from the future.

Lets talk The Modern Lovers, The Modern Lovers!


2 responses to “350 The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers”

  1. We love Dimery’s book and are thrilled to find this podcast. I just heard your comment on “Old World” and how it ends in the middle of a fade-out.

    A couple months ago we ran an episode noting that “The Bleeding Heart Show” by the New Pornographers does the same thing (and wondering why).


    And we dialed up Jonathan in the episode after that.


    Anyway, enough about us. Keep doing what you do — we’re pretty jazzed to reach back through the 350 albums you’ve covered already, still more excited now that you’re just on the cusp of punk.

  2. Just Brad

    Also, just knowing at some point in the future I can expect to hear an entire podcast episode devoted solely to Giant Steps by the Boo Radleys … wow.

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