437 Chic – Risque

In July of 1979 Chic released their 3rd studio album.

The record became a touchstone for the disco era and beyond, with it’s hit single, “Good Times” being heavily sampled in hip hop, notably on “Rappers Delight” and at least 215 other songs.

Let’s talk Chic, Risqué!


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  1. Fred

    I guess I had only heard the radio edit of “Good Times” before but I enjoyed the album version more than I do the song I’ve heard in grocery stores and dentist offices a million times. The lyrics are still utterly moronic and the hook is repetitive, but the extended instrumental section almost redeems the song. That is about the only good thing I have to say about this album.

    I know the whole “Disco Sucks” movement was grounded in racism and homophobia from middle-aged white construction workers who throw batteries at Santa Claus that thought everyone should just be happy to listen to Bachman Turner Overdrive for the rest of time, but disco sucks. Disco music is music made for people to dance to. Is “The Electric Slide” or “The Cupid Shuffle” on this list because of their importance in giving boring people something to do at weddings? This music does not need to be heard unless you are wearing bell bottoms, being felt up by Andy Warhol and doing the hustle.

    Every review of this album talks about how people have sampled the beats to make other songs. Okay. That just means these are bad songs with some good beats in them. Let’s listen to those better songs that reuse these beats instead of these songs that are really only good for disco dancing and the few ballads they threw in for when the coke wore off I guess.

    Most of this is pretty lame, and even worse, it’s lame and way too long. If you’re going to be cheesy, at least get it over with quickly. On the plus side, the overall album length isn’t too bad, even if the songs are way too long.

    In conclusion, disco sucks. *throws battery at Santa Claus*

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