440 Japan – Quiet Life

In November of 1979 Japan released their 3rd studio album.

Finding themselves floundering as a Glam act, the band decided to take a different musical path.
Teaming up with famed Italian synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder for the single, “Life in Tokyo” and subsequently dismissing him for a full length record; the band decided to give it a go with their manager (Simon Napier-Bell) and then, eventually, John Punter (who had worked with Roxy Music in the past).

The results more or less birthed the New Romantic movement, for better or for worse.

Let’s talk Japan, Quiet Life!


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  1. I

    Your podcast doesn’t play on Apple Podcasts – just tries to load indefinitely. Not just this episode this has been going on for months. No other podcast does this so don’t see it as a problem with iPhone.

    1. Rob

      Noted, we’ve been having a whole lot of trouble with Apple. We are working on it, thank you for letting us know.

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