456 AC/DC – Back in Black

In July of 1980 AC/DC released their 7th studio album.

Following the tragic passing of front-man Bon Scott in February, the band decided to keep on going and brought on Brian Johnson as the new singer.

With Mutt Lange back as engineer, they defied all the odds by making one of the definitive rock albums of the 80s that would eventually go on to be certified 25x platinum stateside.

Let’s talk AC/DC, Back in Black!


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  1. Andrew

    Great episode but I thought Brian Johnson was living in the U.K. rather than Australia (the name of his band Geordie is a term for people born around the river Tyne in north east England and he was born near Newcastle upon Tyne).

    He spoke about his upbringing and his fathers time in WW2 on episodes 189/190 of the ‘We have ways of making you talk’ podcast a couple of years back and hasn’t lost his geordie accent!

    He also covers his joining the British Territorial Army and that he completed full parachute training. Well worth a listen though it has a language warning!!

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