536 Minor Threat – Out of Step

In April of 1983 Minor Threat released their only studio album.

Clocking in just north of twenty one minutes over the course of nine tracks, the album is a blisteringly fast DC hardcore assault with some surprising pop hooks peppered in.

It is single-handedly responsibly for the straight edge movement, which in turn makes it responsible for that time I (Rob) got kicked in the head for smoking a cigarette at an Avail show fourteen years post the record’s release (A story I would have told had I been on this episode).

Let’s talk Minor Threat, Out of Step!


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  1. Johnathon

    Ian had a number of bands between Minor Threat and Fugazi. Embrace is, likely, to the most well known and helped jumpstart what became know as emotional hardcore. He also aims a bit of criticism at what the straightedge movement became, despite never breaking from the concept.

    Skewbald/Grand Union is worth a spin, though I’d say the band having two names because Jeff Nelson and Ian MacKaye couldn’t agree on a name is the real interesting thing.

    Egg Hunt was another project with Jeff Nelson, who only existed because Embrace didn’t want to record the song “We All Fall Down”

    Finally, there’s Pailhead who put out a 12″ single and whose music is interesting. It’s a collaboration between Ian and Al Jourgensen of Ministry fame.

    I think Fugazi succeeded where Minor Threat didn’t because every member of the band could write, and has done great solo work. Plus, Guy Picciotto was also in Rites of Spring.

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