552 Prefab Sprout – Steve McQueen

In June of 1985 Prefab Sprout released their second studio album.

Produced by Thomas Dolby (Booker T. Boffin for those in the know), the album has been praised by critics as a “shimmering jazz-pop masterpiece” that is “buttressed by a phenomenal rhythm section and fairy-dusted with Wendy Smith’s breathy harmonies”.

Let’s talk Prefab Sprout, Steve McQueen!

Editor’s note: This is the last of episode of the batch with audio issues, recommended playback at 1.5x, apologies.


2 responses to “552 Prefab Sprout – Steve McQueen”

  1. Shelley Dornan

    Totally agree with your views on XTC. Criminally overlooked.

  2. René

    Apparently the podcast doesn’t work on my iPhone and the sound quality online is terrible. The question rises why dedicate a podcast to an album you obviously don’t like , misquoting lyrics, making farfetched comparisons, doing barely any research or in-depth analysis.
    Suddenly I don’t mind the podcast not working.

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