568 Metallica – Master of Puppets

In March of 1986 Metallica released their 3rd studio album.

With no radio play whatsoever, Thrash has hit the mainstream.

Let’s talk Metallica, Master of Puppets!


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  1. Fred

    I’d like to say that I hate Metallica because they were millionaires who sued to stop normal people from getting around having to pay them even more money to add to their hoards while pretending that their greed was really about artistic integrity, but honestly I just really really hate this shit.

    Oooooh puppet masters controlling people. How profound! So anti-authoritarian and anti-war. Oh wait, what’s that James Hetfield? You are “honored” the U.S. military used Metallica’s music to psychologically torture prisoners of war because it “help[ed] us stay safe.”? Wow, what an absolute piece of shit you are.

    I guess stupid angry people need something to listen to in their jean jackets while driving their Geo Metros to go see the latest Fast and the Furious movie, but for everyone who didn’t stop growing as a person at 15, this is unbearable.

    And before you start talking to me about 21/32 time signatures and chromatic scales, don’t bother because I don’t know what any of that means. But prog rock bands do all that band geek autism stuff too, but their music is actually enjoyable. In fact, the only way I got through listening to this album was to pretend it was just heavier prog rock, which helped, but not much.

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