571 Billy Bragg – Talking With the Taxman About Poetry

In September of 1986 Billy Bragg released his 3rd studio album.

Its beautiful, it is very of its time and sadly still, ours.

Let’s talk Billy Bragg, Talking with the Taxman About Poetry!


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  1. Luke

    Bragg is popular in the UK. Younger audiences won’t necessarily know who he is unless they’re clued up on their punk folk from the 1980s. He’s always been active in left-wing politics since then, so he never really went away.

    It isn’t uncommon to hear people say they prefer his love songs over his political stuff here. I think even left-leaning people in the UK can be put off by heavy-handedness when it comes to politics and music. It can come across as a bit naff and self-righteous. Personally, I don’t mind his political stuff, but for me I think he is far stronger with his emotional material (which incorporates themes of class and sex) as it paints a far more vivid picture than straightforward protest songs.

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