600 Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction

In July of 1987 Guns N Roses released their debut studio album.

Sales wise, the album floundered for the first year, selling only two hundred thousand units and battling Aerosmith’s return and hit makers, Def Leppard; it took the lobbying efforts of Geffen to convinces MTV to play the video for Welcome to The Jungle once a night for three nights, becoming the most viewer requested video of the time, and finally launching this rock n roll juggernaut to the top of the Billboard charts by August 1987.

Lets talk Guns N Roses, Appetite for Destruction!


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  1. Robby Byers

    On my 15th b-day, August of ’87 my friend and I rode our bikes to the record store. He bought Faster Pussycat and I bought Appetite. We rode back to his house and listened to them back to back. We both thought GNR was great but both thought Faster Pussycat was going to be HUGE. Neither of us were A & R guys.

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