629 American Music Club – California

In the year, on July 26, 1990, American Music Club released their sixth studio album, California. Produced by Dennis Herring, this record featured a blend of folk-rock and alternative soundscapes that captured the essence of the band’s hometown.

Recorded in just over a month, the album showcased singer Mark Eitzel’s introspective lyrics and the band’s dynamic instrumentation. California is a journey through heartbreak and redemption, with each track offering a glimpse into the human experience.

Let’s talk American Music Club, California!


2 responses to “629 American Music Club – California”

  1. Andy

    My only qualm with this is the production. Many of the songs were performed by ME acoustically and really breathe stream Songs of Love Live) also try Everclear, Mercury and San Fran. There the production equals the songwriting.

    1. Mike

      This album came out in 1988 and was produced by Tom Mallon!

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