328 The Dictators – Go Girl Crazy!

With their vast financial holdings, they could have been basking in the sun in Florida.

Lucky for us, The Dictators’ hobby bestowed upon us this 1975 underselling power trash classic!

Let’s talk The Dictators, Go Girl Crazy!


One response to “328 The Dictators – Go Girl Crazy!”

  1. Fred

    I developed a theory when a really smart English professor I had once introduced me to the band Fear. I think two types of people like dumb shit: 1. Dumb people, and 2. Smart people that are constantly surrounded by smart shit and so they think dumb shit is transgressive and rebellious. Well, I grew up steeped in dumbness and I don’t view dumb shit as anything other than dumb. So fuck this album. It’s only made worse by being made before punk rockers realized their shitty songs wore out their welcome after 2 minutes and so these songs are as bad as the worst punk rock but three times as long.

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